How to Cook Tasty Chicken Rice Bowl

Chicken Rice Bowl. Our Delicious Favorites, Now By the Bowlful. Savor the Taste of Homemade Today! Cook rice in broth according to package directions.

Chicken Rice Bowl Cover and reduce heat to medium-low. Lemon-Parmesan Chicken and Rice Bowl "This is a great recipe for weeknight meals. Pad Thai Quinoa (or Rice or Noodle) Bowl "This recipe uses quinoa, but you can always substitute either rice or noodles. You can have Chicken Rice Bowl using 6 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Chicken Rice Bowl

  1. It’s of Chicken Breast Fillet.
  2. Prepare of McCormick Broiled Steak Seasoning.
  3. It’s of Frozen mixed vegetables.
  4. It’s of Chicken broth.
  5. You need of Uncooked rice.
  6. Prepare of Butter.

A seriously good, versatile recipe!" – Lisa Orange-Chicken Rice Bowl Linda T. View Recipe this link opens in a new tab. This colorful rice bowl gets its pretty look from red bell pepper, zucchini, and broccoli. This dish is a simple mix of rice, chicken, salsa, corn and bell peppers.

Chicken Rice Bowl instructions

  1. Season chicken breast fillet with McCormick Broiled Steak Seasoning.
  2. Heat butter in a pan. Put the seasoned breast fillet in the pan to fry. Fry until light brown. Set aside to cool..
  3. Chop the cooked fillet into small pieces.
  4. Cook the rice in the cooker together with the broth, mixed vegetables and the chicken pieces.

Perfect for meal prep, make ahead lunches, or a wholesome dinner, this is a rice bowl that packs some serious Greek flavors! Rice, lean chicken thighs, cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata olives, Feta cheese, red onion and hummus… plus a Greek marinade for the chicken that doubles as a dressing! How to Make Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Bowls. Whisk together teriyaki sauce ingredients in small saucepan and cook until thickened slightly. Grill chicken until cooked through, then cube.