Recipe: Tasty Potato pakoras # Ramzan Special !!!!

Potato pakoras # Ramzan Special !!!!. Veg pakora recipe – Pakora are a delicious Indian crisp fried snack made with gram flour, spices & any main ingredient like onion, paneer or veggies. These vegetable pakora are a variation of the onion pakoda & are super quick to make anytime. These deep fried snack taste delicious & are extremely addictive with a great aroma of gram flour or besan and spices.

Potato pakoras # Ramzan Special !!!! The pakoras (or pakodas: delicious spiced Indian chickpea fritters), are filled with tender slices of Little Potatoes, onions, spinach, and cilantro. Potato pakora recipe is perfect for an Indian inspired and vegetarian brunch: don't forget to dip the spicy potato pakora fritters in a creamy yogurt sauce!. Together with potatoes, you can use also other vegetables to. You can have Potato pakoras # Ramzan Special !!!! using 7 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Potato pakoras # Ramzan Special !!!!

  1. Prepare of medium size potato.
  2. It’s of flour (besan) 4 tablespoons.
  3. You need of Oil for frying.
  4. You need of Red chilli powder, ginger garlic paste,salt, turmeric powder,pinch of Garam masala powder ( all spices in regular quantity 1 teaspoon,turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon.
  5. It’s of Carrom seeds(ajwain).
  6. It’s of cumin seeds (zeera).
  7. It’s of Chat masala to sprinkle (optional).

A pakora recipe for perfectly spiced and crispy Indian snacks. Ideal for a family feast, serve these deep-fried delights with chutney. From BBC Good Food. aloo pakora recipe aloo bajji or potato bajji with detailed photo and video recipe. a simple potato-based deep fried snack recipe made with spiced besan or chickpea flour coating. potato bajji or also known as potato fritters can be an ideal evening snack recipe with a cup of tea or perhaps as a crispy side dish for lunch or dinner. the same recipe can be altered.

Potato pakoras # Ramzan Special !!!! step by step

  1. Wash and chop potatoes like French fries dip in cold water.
  2. Besides prepare the batter adding all ingredients mentioned above let it rest for 15 minutes make sure it’s not watery keep it like it holds to potato.
  3. Then drip 3-4 potato fries at once it makes one pakoda gradually do the same process for remaining batter.
  4. Oil must be medium hot then fry it keeping on low flame remove once it turns golden brown.
  5. Then serve hot with tomato ketchup.
  6. Before serving sprinkle chat on pakodas it taste yummy!!!!.

Making these spicy Potato Pakora is super simple and only requires two steps: Make the pakora batter: Mix all dry ingredients and combine it with water to reach the right consistency. The step by step pictures below will show you exactly how thick the batter should be before you move on to the next step. A traditional pakora is vegetarian and in India that also means no eggs so a traditional pakora would never be made with an egg batter. This recipe is a basic recipe that you can then tweak to make your own by adding cauliflower, spinach, fenugreek leaves or aubergine. These are the best Pakoras (aka potato fritters) you will ever eat.