Easiest Way to Make Perfect For Valentine's Day Chocolate Tart

For Valentine's Day Chocolate Tart.

For Valentine's Day Chocolate Tart You can cook For Valentine's Day Chocolate Tart using 17 ingredients and 16 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of For Valentine's Day Chocolate Tart

  1. It’s of Tart pastry.
  2. Prepare of Unsalted butter.
  3. It’s of Powdered sugar.
  4. Prepare of Salt.
  5. It’s of Egg yolk.
  6. It’s of Cake flour.
  7. It’s of Filling.
  8. It’s of Milk chocolate (I used Meiji milk chocolate).
  9. Prepare of Unsalted butter.
  10. It’s of Egg yolk.
  11. You need of Egg white.
  12. You need of Sugar.
  13. You need of Cocoa powder.
  14. It’s of Decoration.
  15. You need of Heavy cream.
  16. You need of Milk chocolate (I used Meiji milk chocolate).
  17. You need of Fruits of your choice.

For Valentine's Day Chocolate Tart instructions

  1. Tart pastry: Bring butter to room temperature. Sift the flour..
  2. Put the butter into a bowl and cream until soft. Add salt and powdered sugar and mix until light and fluffy..
  3. Add the egg yolk and mix well..
  4. Add cake flour, fold lightly in a cutting motion with a scraper and bring it together. Wrap with plastic wrap and rest it in the fridge for 2 hours..
  5. Sandwich the dough in two sheets of cling film, roll out to 3 mm thickness. Press into a tart pan. Cut off the excess dough and pierce with a fork..
  6. Rest for 30 minutes in the fridge. Preheat the oven to 180℃ and bake for 10 minutes..
  7. Filling: Chop the chocolate finely. Combine with the butter and melt in a double broiler..
  8. Add egg yolk, then the sifted cocoa powder and mix well between every addition. Leave the bowl in hot water..
  9. Put the egg white in another bowl, add the sugar in 3 batches while mixing well and make a stiff meringue..
  10. Add the meringue into the chocolate mixture in 3 batches and mix well. Stir well with a whisk when you add the first portion of meringue. Mix well with a rubber spatula to break air bubbles when you add the 2nd and 3rd portions of meringue..
  11. Pour the filling mixture into Step 6 (about 80% full), bake in a preheated oven at 180℃ for 12~15 minutes..
  12. Done. It's puffed up when it's just baked, but flattens when cooled..
  13. Make the ganache cream. Chop the chocolate finely and melt in a double boiler..
  14. Heat heavy cream until it's nearly boiling and add to the bowl of melted chocolate. Put it over a bowl with ice water and whip until stiff peaks form..
  15. When the tart is completely cool, decorate with the ganache cream and fruit..
  16. You can make miniature tarts and they're cute too..