How to Prepare Yummy Spicy Beef & Nian Gao

Spicy Beef & Nian Gao. It doesn't get any more difficult. In my recipe of spicy beef noodle soup, the beef cubes are simmered in a well spiced liquid. Firstly, minced garlic and Sichuan chilli bean paste are briefly stir fried in oil to fully release their fragrance.

Spicy Beef & Nian Gao Made with shredded beef, lots of scallions and other vegetables such as gosari (fernbrake fiddleheads), beansprouts, and. Beef brisket, celery, fernbrake, garlic, green onion, ground black pepper, hot pepper flakes, onion, salt, sesame oil, soy sauce, soybean sprouts, vegetable oil, water. Control the spiciness by varying the amount of Korean red pepper flakes. You can have Spicy Beef & Nian Gao using 15 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Spicy Beef & Nian Gao

  1. Prepare 1/2 lb of Shaved Steak.
  2. Prepare Handful of Nian Gao.
  3. It’s of Long Hot Peppers.
  4. You need of Sm. Onion.
  5. Prepare 3 Cloves of Garlic.
  6. Prepare of Chilli Flakes.
  7. You need 5 of Spice Powder.
  8. Prepare of Garlic Powder.
  9. You need of Onion Salt.
  10. It’s of Black Pepper (or white if you have it).
  11. It’s Splash of Soy Sauce.
  12. You need of Hot Chilli Oil.
  13. You need of Canola Oil.
  14. It’s of Green Onion.
  15. Prepare of Cornstarch/Water Solution.

When I made this batch, it Now, sit down, and just imagine a rich, steamy bowl of this Spicy Korean Beef Noodle Soup in front. Spicy fall-apart beef served over delicious grits. Great for your Super Bowl party! Serves The spiciness of the beef combined with the mild creaminess of the grits was almost too much for me to.

Spicy Beef & Nian Gao step by step

  1. Get your veggies in order. (The asparagus was a side dish. Disregard that). Season your meat with the spices, a clove of garlic and a 2 count of chilli oil. Go easy on the 5 spice, it can be overwhelming. A couple shakes goes a long way..
  2. Bust out the Nian Gao and get some water boiling. Get a good handful and separate them so they’re not stuck together when boiling. You’re going to add that to the boiling water when you start stir frying your veggies..
  3. Get some canola oil in your pan and add in the garlic, onion and peppers. Heat the veggies with a little salt and pepper. Once they’re good and fragrant, which will be fast, add in the beef. Let that cook for a minute and add a touch of soy sauce. By now, the nian gao should be floating. Add it into your pan and mix well..
  4. Take a couple ladles of the nian gao water and add it into the stir fry. Mix. Add dissolved cornstarch and water to it and mix until the liquid has thickened..
  5. Top with green onions and a little chilli oil. Serve with rice and your choice of sides..

Think of this stir-fry as your chance to play with heat and spice. I balance the beef with coconut milk and a spritz of lime. Beef stir fry that tastes like nothing else. The spicy dry-fried beef is a perfect example of the dry-frying technique unique to Sichuan cuisine. A super comforting and appetizing stir-fried beef dish with a sweet, savory flavor and a pungent The pungent garlic sauce turns into a comforting savory sauce with a spicy and sweet flavor that goes.