Recipe: Tasty Melty Truffles For Valentine's Day

Melty Truffles For Valentine's Day.

Melty Truffles For Valentine's Day You can have Melty Truffles For Valentine's Day using 6 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Melty Truffles For Valentine's Day

  1. You need of Chocolate.
  2. Prepare of Heavy cream.
  3. Prepare of Honey (or sugar syrup).
  4. It’s of Liquor (as desired).
  5. Prepare of Chocolate for coating.
  6. It’s of Cocoa.

Melty Truffles For Valentine's Day instructions

  1. Add the 80 g of chocolate to a bowl. If using a chocolate bar, break it up so that it melts easily..
  2. Add heavy cream and honey to a small pot and heat to just before boiling..
  3. Add the mixture to a bowl with the chocolate, wait 30 seconds, then mix together gently with a whisk..
  4. Add liquor if you like, and mix together..
  5. Submerge the bowl in cold water and mix using a rubber spatula. Cool until it becomes thick and creamy..
  6. Put into a pastry bag with a round nozzle and cool in the refrigerator for 15 to 30 minutes. Cool to a stiffness that makes it easy to squeeze out..
  7. Squeeze out into your desired portions. Use your hands to form the shape. Melt the chocolate for coating and coat them truffles in it..
  8. Once the coating chocolate has almost dried (about 90%), coat with cocoa powder. If you put the cocoa powder in a container and roll the truffles in it, it'll be easier..