Easiest Way to Cook Delicious Hot and Spicy Mayonnaise

Hot and Spicy Mayonnaise. Grandma's family loves hot and spicy food! So to make hamburgers, chicken and other meals extra spicy they spread on Spicy Mayo! In this video (Hot and Spicy Boondi Mayonnaise Delight Recipe) you can learn how to make Hot and Spicy Boondi Mayonnaise Delight at your home.

There is a small amount of sugar in Sriracha sauce, while there is none in sambal. The combination of the two sauces with the mayonnaise produces heat, a touch of. This recipe is stupid simple and is so spicy and delicious you'll want to keep it. You can have Hot and Spicy Mayonnaise using 6 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Hot and Spicy Mayonnaise

  1. It’s 2 tsp of Louisana hot sauce.
  2. Prepare 4 tbsp of Mayonnaise.
  3. You need 1/4 tsp of hot shot (mix of red and black pepper).
  4. It’s 1 pinch of Garlic powder.
  5. You need 1 dash of Red Curry Powder.
  6. Prepare 2 tsp of Louisana hot sauce.

Skip the plain, boring condiments and make something fun and exciting! Have you heard of Korean Hot Sauce? How about Korean Red Sauce, Bibimbap Sauce. Chef Devaux's Spicy Mayonnaise is an instantly gratifying super-sauce that will infuse your Nigiri with flavor – and can be used for dipping too!

Hot and Spicy Mayonnaise instructions

  1. Mix all together at once..
  2. Let sit over night for best results. (Hottest).

Squeeze the juice of half a lime over the Sriracha and mayonnaise mixture. Resist the temptation to use the whole lime, because too much lime juice will. Delicious homemade spicy mayo recipe made with Kewpie Mayonnaise and Sriracha sauce. This killer sauce gives sushi an extra kick of spice. Here's a super easy way to make Spicy Mayo.