Recipe: Delicious Crispy Egg Fried Rice for Crunchy Lovers | Fully Tummies

Crispy Egg Fried Rice for Crunchy Lovers | Fully Tummies. We created this channel because we want to bring Vietname. Great recipe for Crispy Egg Fried Rice for Crunchy Lovers Your house is having too much leftover rice, but you do not know what to make that simple, non-time-consuming still very delicious?

Crispy Egg Fried Rice for Crunchy Lovers | Fully Tummies Take Them A Meal is the grandmommy of them all when it comes to meal registry websites to create for new parents. During a recent overnight stay in Columbia, my husband and I decided to have dinner at Little Pigs after reading some of the favorable reviews on Trip Advisor. Were we ever glad we did! You can have Crispy Egg Fried Rice for Crunchy Lovers | Fully Tummies using 6 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Crispy Egg Fried Rice for Crunchy Lovers | Fully Tummies

  1. You need of Left-over Rice.
  2. Prepare of Butter.
  3. Prepare of Egg.
  4. It’s of Shallot.
  5. You need of Green Onion.
  6. You need of Fish sauce.

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Crispy Egg Fried Rice for Crunchy Lovers | Fully Tummies step by step

  1. Heat up the pan then add in 1 spoon of vegetable and 1 spoon of butter :3.
  2. Add in the rice, mix well with the butter then spread it evenly on the pan :3.
  3. While waiting for the rice to be crispy, Dice small the shallot and the green onion :3.
  4. You can check whether the rice is crispy or not by shaking the pan. If the rice is crispy, it will easily be running on the pan. Use the spoon to divide it into bite-size and push it aside so that you have space to add in the egg and the diced shallot and green onion. Give the egg and the condiments a little mix :3.
  5. When you smell the fragrant of the condiments you should mix rice with it and add in a spoon of fish sauce :3.
  6. When the egg is cooked, turn off the stove and plate the dish :3.
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