How to Make Delicious Kaju chicken !!!!

Kaju chicken !!!!. Serve over brown basmati rice or with naan flatbread. How to make koyla chicken By Amber's Easy Cooking. For more recipes related to Kaju Ni Marghi checkout Chicken Tetrazini, Kolhapuri Chicken, Chicken Makhani, Chicken Chettinaad.

Kaju chicken !!!! This cashew chicken I prepared last week and we just loved it. But those who are health conscious can avoid this as the calorie content is high in this curry. Kaju Chicken is a typical Indian recipe in which chicken is cooked in thick and rich kaju (cashew nut) paste. You can cook Kaju chicken !!!! using 12 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Kaju chicken !!!!

  1. You need 500 grams of Fresh chicken.
  2. It’s 1 of medium size onion.
  3. It’s 3-4 tablespoons of Curd.
  4. It’s of Chasews (kaju) 1/2 cup (half crushed).
  5. Prepare of Kasuri methi 1/2 teaspoon roasted & crushed.
  6. It’s of Curry leaves hand full(fresh).
  7. You need 1/2 teaspoon of Garam masala powder.
  8. Prepare of Lime juice (1)full.
  9. It’s of Coriander for garnishing.
  10. You need of Oil for cooking.
  11. You need 1 teaspoon of each (Salt,ginger garlic paste,red chilli powder).
  12. Prepare 1/2 teaspoon of Turmeric powder.

It goes very well with any type of naan or roti. This is the best recipe to prepare on any special occasions. Everyone for sure will love this recipe. To make #BawiSasu ni Kaju Chicken the most important step is the masala.

Kaju chicken !!!! instructions

  1. Wash chicken well & set aside.
  2. Now stir fry kasuri methi & kaju for just one minute and remove it.
  3. Now take Kajus leaving few for garnishing and prepare a fine paste.
  4. Whisk curd well without lumps.
  5. Chop onion in thin slices pick a wok add oil and fry the onions till golden brown.
  6. Then in the same wok with onions add ginger garlic paste simmer flame to low.
  7. Then add the pate of Kajus & curd whisked stirr well & gradually add the spices salt etc….
  8. Fry well until the oil separates then add the chicken,curry leaves, kasuri methi.
  9. Then add a glass of water mix everything well cover the lid and let it cook till the chicken is tender.
  10. Lastly taste spices if required add more and check the consistency once it cools down the gravy becomes thick naturally.
  11. Garnish it with coriander leaves, dash of lime juice & Garam masala give five more minutes to cook on simmer the oil is on the top layer of curry while it’s done..
  12. The yummylicious dish is ready to serve hot with tandoori roti or regular chapati or else it goes pretty well with plain white rice, Kashmiri pulao rice recipe in my old account mentioned do check !!!!!.

In a blender, grind the khaman (dessicated coconut), khas khas, cashews and green chillies to make a smooth paste. If required, add in more green chillies to make it spicier or more cashews if you would like it to be richer. In a saucepan, add some oil and fry the masala. Two kinds of restaurant style cashew curry. This kaju masala recipe – it has onion, tomato gravy with the addition of heavy cream, butter, and spices.; Khoya kaju – It has white, very rich gravy made from onion, yogurt, whole spices, and khoya or mawa.; What gives the Kaju Curry rich and creamy texture?