Recette: Parfaire Wrap-pizza

Wrap-pizza. An easy cheat's dinner, Lorraine Pascale's tortilla pizza take minutes and are a great use of leftover wraps. Tortilla pizzas are great for getting children of all ages involved in the kitchen. Easy tasks (spreading, sprinkling, topping) are perfect for younger children and older children can be given more responsibility (by helping to make pizza sauce, grate cheese, prep vegetables etc).

Wrap-pizza I love pizza but it has to be very thin and super crispy. I don't do doughy soggy pizza bases, ugh! Wraps or tortillas make the perfect base for a speedy pizza. Tu peux cuire Wrap-pizza utilisant 3 Ingrédients et 4 des pas. Voici comment vous cuisinière elle.

Ingrédients de Wrap-pizza

  1. Préparer 1 de tortilla de blé complet.
  2. Préparer de Coulis de tomate.
  3. C’est de Poivrons, fromages, etc, à vous de la composer selon vos goûts.

Lightly oil tortilla with extra virgin olive oil. Sprinkle on parmesan or romano cheese. Arrange the provolone, pepperoni or sausage, and red peppers in the center of the tortilla. An easy meal you can adapt using anything you have in the fridge.

Wrap-pizza directives

  1. Tartiner du coulis sur votre wrap..
  2. Y ajouter les ingrédients choisis (ici j'ai fais les fonds de frigo : mozzarella, chèvre, tomates cerises et gruyère râpé)..
  3. Faites la cuire à 190°C pendant 14 minutes..
  4. Information : vous pouvez la manger en plat unique ou, comme moi, la partager avec votre moitié et l'accompagner avec des légumes crus..

Change the toppings for endless possibilities. A thin and crispy-based tortilla pizza! We suggest topping it with pepper, tomato and mozarella. You'll save on cash and calories. Prep time: A healthy quick and portable substitute for a pizza. mix together tomato puree and herbs to form a nice thick sauce if you think it's to thick add a bit of water Super fast, delicious, very easy!