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Aubergines pizzas (vegan). Shape the dough to fit on a pizza stone or baking dish. Lightly brush on the remaining olive oil and top with the vegan cheese. Place broiled eggplant over the cheese, covering the entire surface.

Aubergines pizzas (vegan) It is an easy healthier pizza to satisfy your vegan pizza cravings. If you love finding new delicious vegan recipes to try like I do, you should definitely give this one a try. They have two vegan-friendly pizzas at the time of writing. 'The Vegan Affair' with tomato, aubergine, roast pepper, red onion, rocket, toasted pine nuts and vegan cheese, or the more unusual 'Butternut Squashed' topped with charred butternut squash purée, butternut squash crisps, harissa and roasted walnuts. The real star of the show here is the bbq aubergine, sticky-sweet and melt in your mouth eggplant that perfectly tops this crisp pizza base. Vous pouvez avoir Aubergines pizzas (vegan) en utilisant 3 Ingrédients et 3 des pas. Voici comment vous cuisinier il.

Ingrédients de Aubergines pizzas (vegan)

  1. Tu as besoin 1 de Aubergine.
  2. C’est de Concentré de tomate ou coulis de tomate.
  3. il est de Olives noires.

When I told my mum that I was going to top a pizza with BBQ aubergine she literally laughed down the phone; growing up, aubergine was the absolute last vegetable you would ever see me eating, I would eat brussels sprouts ahead of aubergine and that is. Top it with the fried aubergine slices and sprinkle some more oregano on top. Enjoy with a nice healthy salad (it's all about the balance 🙂 And if you liked this pizza why not try my other vegan pizza with cashew cheese and artichokes. I'm just on my way back from a sunny and inspiring weekend at River Cottage Festival.

Aubergines pizzas (vegan) directives

  1. Couper des aubergines en rondelles. Les badigeonner légèrement d'huile et les passer au four à 180° pendant 15 mn..
  2. Sortir les aubergines et les garnir avec du concentré de tomate quand on a la flemme ou avec un coulis de tomate si on est plus motivé 😀..
  3. Ajouter un morceau d'olive noire et remettre au four pendant 10 mn..

We ate some delicious sustainable, local food and listened to many inspiring talks and watched some wonderful food demos – more on that soon. Buy first here's some pretty pink and fluffy flatbread pizzas topped with griddled aubergine and… Aubergine Parmigiana This vegan aubergine parmigiana recipe is a brilliant vegan alternative to a lasagne made with layers of slow-cooked tomato and aubergine. "The perfect feel good meal with a hearty tomato sauce and tenderly baked eggplant. We love to make parmigiana on Sundays and eat it after we have gone for a long walk outside." – Nico. Frying pan pizza with aubergine, ricotta & mint This recipe ensures a crispy-bottomed pizza without ever turning on the oven. A vegan tabbouleh with all the flavours of summer.