Recipe: Appetizing Mike's 3 Way Ramen Fries

Mike's 3 Way Ramen Fries. I'm all about using fresh herbs and vegetables but, unfortunately they won't work in this dish. Feel free to garnish with fresh herbs tho! Try a Ground Ginger and Powdered Wasabi version with a mayonnaise based Wasabi Aioli dip.

Mike's 3 Way Ramen Fries How to cook food Ramen Noodle. Transfer to a separate dish, and set aside. In this video i will show you the AUTHENTIC way of making a real prison pizza If you enjoyed this video please do not forget to hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button. You can cook Mike's 3 Way Ramen Fries using 21 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Mike's 3 Way Ramen Fries

  1. Prepare of Crispy Ramen Noodle Fries.
  2. It’s 3 of Top Ramen Noodles [or brand equivalent + seasoning packets].
  3. You need 3 large of Eggs [whipped in seperate bowls].
  4. It’s of Seasonings & Toppings.
  5. You need of Garlic Powder.
  6. You need of Onion Powder.
  7. Prepare of Dried Parsley.
  8. Prepare of Dried Chives.
  9. It’s of Dehydrated Onions.
  10. Prepare 1 of 0.87 oz Brown Gravy Packet [+ 1 cup b water].
  11. It’s of White Cheddar Curd Or Motzerella Cheese Chunks.
  12. You need of Fine Grated Or Powdered Parmesan Cheese.
  13. You need of Sea Salt.
  14. It’s of Ketchup.
  15. Prepare of Kitchen Equipment.
  16. It’s 1 of Long Based Spatula [see photo at base].
  17. You need of Vegetable Oil.
  18. It’s of Tinfoil.
  19. You need 1 small of Pot + Whisk.
  20. You need 1 of Frying Pan.
  21. You need 1 of Tongs.

I don't want you missing a thing. Fried Instant Ramen: Flavorful, quick, and an easy alternative to the package directions for ramen noodle soup! The study found people who ate fried potatoes (including french fries, fried potatoes, and hash browns) more than twice a week were more likely to die early than those who ate fried potatoes less. MAKE SURE YOU WATCH ALL THE WAY THRU THE END!!

Mike's 3 Way Ramen Fries instructions

  1. Here's your end result. Choose which style you wish to create. Or, make all three. Picture #1: Crispy Seasoned Noodle Fries #2: Crispy Garlic Parmesan Fries #3: Crispy Faux Poutine Fries..
  2. For the Crispy Seasoned Noodle Fries: ° Boil noodles for 3 minutes. Drain and allow to cool but not completely. They'll get sticky. ° Beat egg, add noodles and 1 noodle seasoning packet. Mix well. ° Lay noodles out on tinfoil sheet and try for a square shape. Wrap tinfoil around noodles in a square shape. Press down on tinfoil to more evenly shape your noodles. ° Place wrapped noodles in the freezer until they've set up hard. Usually about 1 hour +. ° You'll need a long based spatula to lift your frozen noodle.
  3. Follow these easy photos..
  4. For the Crispy Garlic Parmesan Fries: ° Follow the same directions as listed above – except for adding the seasoning packets. Instead, add garlic powder, dried chives and parmesan cheese to your egg noodle mixture to taste. ° Be careful of your oil bubbling over as a result of your seasonings. Just watch it, blow on it and gently swipe the top with your spatula. ° After frying, lightly sprinkle fries with sea salt, garlic powder and parmesan cheese again..
  5. For the Crispy Faux Poutine Fries: ° Do not add seasoning packets. Instead, add onion powder, dehydrated onions and dried parsley to taste. ° Use a room temperature White Cheddar Curd Or Motzerella Cheese cut into small chunks. ° Make your brown gravy. ° Plate your fries in basket. Sprinkle with sea salt, top with cheese curd and drizzle on hot brown gravy..
  6. Enjoy!.

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