How to Make Tasty Pizza – Gluten & Dairy Free!

Pizza – Gluten & Dairy Free!. We all know pizza isn't healthy, but I am a big fan of Pizza, always have been. And even with my Ulcerative Colitis I always end up sneaking some in still. Delivery & carryout locations are open!

Pizza - Gluten & Dairy Free! It gives everything such great texture and makes this gluten free pizza crust chewy and delicious! If you don't use that specific flour in this pizza crust it will turn out really dense and not very good! The Pie Pizzeria is NOW serving Gluten Free items at all of the Pie Pizzeria locations. You can cook Pizza – Gluten & Dairy Free! using 5 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Pizza – Gluten & Dairy Free!

  1. Prepare of MyBread Flat bread Pita (Whole Foods).
  2. Prepare of Follow Your Heart Parmesean Style Cheese (Whole Foods).
  3. It’s of Tomato pasta sauce.
  4. It’s of Italian Seasoning.
  5. It’s of Olive oil.

We try our We carefully prepare each Gluten Free Pie in a separate (enclosed) pizza making area, away from. Gluten-free beer selection available in most locations. These items are made with gluten-free ingredients and are prepared with an effort to limit cross-contamination. These soft, flavorful gluten free pizza bites are ready for the oven in minutes.

Pizza – Gluten & Dairy Free! instructions

  1. Preheat oven to 400°. Brush top and underside of flatbread pita with oil. Place on cookie sheet and into heated oven for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, remove from oven and flip over..
  2. Brush tomato sauce over pita and sprinkle with Italian seasoning and parmesean style cheese. Add any desired toppings, like pepperoni or precooked sausage, at this point..
  3. Place back into oven for approximately 5 more minutes..
  4. Next, place pizzas on top rack and turn on broiler setting. Stay close to oven to prevent over cooking. Check every minute till desired doneness then remove and cool for 2 minutes before cutting and serving..
  5. Enjoy!.

Add some pepperoni, or switch up the spices to suit your tastes. Why small bites are a win for everyone. I'm showing you how to make two. Keeping an eye on your gluten intake, but craving some Panago? Meet our Gluten-Smart crust- It may be square, but it's far from boring.