How to Cook Yummy Spicy Ranch Pinwheels

Spicy Ranch Pinwheels. As the name would suggest, the base is cream cheese mixed with ranch dressing mix and finely chopped green onions, red bell pepper and black olives, all spread on a large flour tortilla, then rolled up (to achieve the iconic pinwheel shape) and sliced. The flavor is pretty good, but I had to cut the rating in half due to the inaccurate portion sizes. Spicy Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pinwheels, crispy puffed pastry bites, made with Sriracha Ranch for a little kick!.

Spicy Ranch Pinwheels Great recipe for Spicy Ranch Pinwheels. Great for party's or anytime snack. Great for on the go as well. You can have Spicy Ranch Pinwheels using 6 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Spicy Ranch Pinwheels

  1. Prepare of bars cream cheese softened at room temperature.
  2. It’s of pimentos.
  3. It’s of pickled jalapeños.
  4. It’s of black olives, pitted.
  5. Prepare of hidden valley ranch seasoning packet.
  6. Prepare of large flour tortillas @ room temperature.

You can add more jalapeños if you want them really spicy or leave them out for more kid friendly ones. Sweet Creamy Spicy Ranch Pinwheel Appetizers Pin It Now! But not just any Pinwheels, this is a GREAT idea for a Holiday Party with the colors. Anything red and green accented becomes a holiday appetizer.

Spicy Ranch Pinwheels instructions

  1. Soften cream cheese at room temp prior to using. In a bowl mix cream cheese and ranch seasoning together..
  2. Either using a food processor or knife dice your olives, pimentos, and jalapeños VERY finely. I prefer to have pieces of all of them in every bite instead of huge chunks, so the flavors blend and balance well. Add to cream cheese and ranch mixture and mix well..
  3. Spread a thin layer onto room temperature flour tortillas and roll up tightly. Place on a plate or baking sheet in the fridge for 20-30 minutes and then slice into 3/4”-1” slices. Enjoy right then or pop them back in the fridge covered up for another 30 minutes to make them colder..

But it is also a great way to use up a few leftovers from Holiday cooking. How to Make Jalapeno Popper Roll ups. Want to learn how to make jalapeno cream cheese tortilla roll ups? These Jalapeno Poppers Pinwheels are pretty simple. They're just tortilla roll ups with cream cheese and jalapeno, plus some bacon and cheese for extra deliciousness.