Recipe: Appetizing Teriyaki Chicken Asian Salad

Teriyaki Chicken Asian Salad. Discover Our Collection Of Salad Recipes. To assemble the salad, place romaine lettuce in a large bowl; top with chicken, cabbage, carrots, chow mein noodles, mandarin oranges, cashews, cilantro and green onions. It truly is a teriyaki salad too, you are using teriyaki sauce (your favorite homemade version OR my favorite store-bought version, your pick) in two ways here – to marinate the chicken, and in the dressing.

Teriyaki Chicken Asian Salad That's all you need to have your tastebuds doing happy dances. All our family friendly ASIAN INSPIRED RECIPES here! Our most favorite salad, easy teriyaki chicken salad!! You can have Teriyaki Chicken Asian Salad using 12 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Teriyaki Chicken Asian Salad

  1. You need 2 of Chicken breast.
  2. It’s of Salt & Pepper.
  3. It’s of Garlic Salt.
  4. It’s 1/4 cup of butter.
  5. Prepare of Tri-Color Cole Slaw.
  6. It’s of Iceberg lettuce.
  7. Prepare Strips of Toast Tortilla.
  8. You need of Roasted & salted sunflower seeds.
  9. You need of Almonds.
  10. It’s 11 oz of Mandarin Oranges.
  11. You need of Soy Sauce.
  12. It’s of Teriyaki Stir Fry Sauce and Marinade (I have a homemade teriyaki sauce I use).

It's so easy and perfect for all summer long! Heat the oil in a good quality non-stick pan or well seasoned skillet over medium-high heat. Teriyaki chicken pasta salad has two options; make homemade easy teriyaki chicken with chicken breasts or chicken thighs, or you can always take a shortcut and buy the frozen teriyaki chicken breasts in any local grocery store. How Far Ahead Can You Make Pasta Salad?

Teriyaki Chicken Asian Salad instructions

  1. Salt, Pepper, Garlic salt chicken breast to taste. Drizzle a little butter on top of chicken and place on grill. Turn in 3 to 4 minutes and drizzle a little butter on other side. Cook 3 to 4 minutes and remove from grill and place in a bowl, set aside..
  2. Turn heat to medium high, and pour rest of butter in skillet. Place cut up chicken in skillet and add Soy Sauce, and Teriyaki Stir Fry Sauce to taste and stir occasionally. Remove from heat and set aside..
  3. On a plate, place lettuce, slaw and mix. Add a portion of the chicken, toasted strips, sunflower seeds & almonds. Around the edge of plate, place the oranges. Drizzle your favorite salad dressing. (I used a Maple Grove Farms Fat Free Wasabi Dijon Dressing or a Ginger Salad Dressing). Enjoy!!!.

Pasta salad can in fact be made a day ahead, just not assembled that early as the pasta will break. Again, here's another dish that's not exactly Asian, but hey, it tastes great with Teriyaki Chicken just the same. And you can infuse some Asian flavors to your salad by using a sesame ginger dressing instead of the usual ranch or vinaigrette. The dressing has that beautiful balance of sweet and tangy. Teriyaki Chicken Salad is one of the most delicious salads you will ever sink your teeth into with epic Pineapple Sesame Dressing!