Easiest Way to Cook Tasty Jalebi with Rabri 😊(indian sweet dish) #mycookbook #cookpad

Jalebi with Rabri 😊(indian sweet dish) #mycookbook #cookpad. This is a list of Indian sweets and desserts, also called mithai, a significant element in Indian cuisine. Many Indian desserts are fried foods made with sugar, milk or condensed milk. Löydä HD-arkistokuvia ja miljoonia muita rojaltivapaita arkistovalokuvia, -kuvituskuvia ja -vektoreita Shutterstockin kokoelmasta hakusanalla Rabri Rabdi Indian Sweet Dish Food.

Jalebi with Rabri 😊(indian sweet dish) #mycookbook #cookpad Jalebi Recipe basically involves making a batter of Maida, Yogurt, sugar and other ingredients, which is then stored overnight. This is then deep fried in Ghee. Jalebi is the name of one such Indian Dessert, which has been in our lives since time immemorial. You can have Jalebi with Rabri 😊(indian sweet dish) #mycookbook #cookpad using 8 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Jalebi with Rabri 😊(indian sweet dish) #mycookbook #cookpad

  1. Prepare of wash and soaked mash dal(white lentils)for 3 hrs.
  2. It’s of Sugar syrup(1 1/2 cup sugar,1 cup water,few saffron strings & 2.
  3. You need of Cardamom).
  4. Prepare of RABRI:1 cup warm milk,cuddle with 1 tbsn white vinegar and little.
  5. It’s of Water and strain(2 tbsn whey)OR use 3 cube paneer grated.
  6. You need of tbsn sugar,1 tsp cardamom.
  7. It’s of Jalebi (3/4 cup mash dal(white lentils)1 cup all purpose flour,.
  8. Prepare of baking soda,1 tsp orange colour,1/2 cup cold water).

A traditional rich and creamy sweet dish, rabri is commonly made in Indian households out of thickened creamy milk and malai. A Rajasthani delicacy, Gujiyas are made from maida and filled with a mixture of khoya and dry fruits. Indian Sweet Jalebi with Rabri , Golden fried crispy Batter piped soak in saffron sugar syrup ! Rabri , Reduce Milk with assortment of nuts and saffron !!

Jalebi with Rabri 😊(indian sweet dish) #mycookbook #cookpad step by step

  1. First make sugar syrup add the above ingredients with pinch of orange colour. Now cuddle 1 cup milk and strain.(ready above).
  2. Boil 1 cup milk with sugar, when it reduced to half it's consistency add the whey which we cuddle(probably 1 or 2 tbsn)or add grated paneer.mix and add cardamom powder.rabri ready..
  3. Jalebi… grind mash dal(white lentils) into fine paste with half cup cold water,now add the flour mix in one direction for 5 mins.now add a pinch of orange colour and baking soda.mix and add water to make it pouring consistency. Now remove in a pastry bag..
  4. Now make round jalebi in medium hot oil..when crisp put in syrup for few seconds. And remove on a rack or plate.serve hot with rabri.Please subscribe my #youtube blog Tanvi.s yummy food blog. Take care and enjoy😊.

Rabri is a popular North Indian sweet made from milk. Malpua recipe with step by step photos. Malpua is a traditional North Indian sweet of soft, fluffy and yet crisp pancakes coated with sugar syrup and served with rabri or thickened. Photo "Indian Sweet Malpua with Rabri" can be used for personal and commercial purposes according to the conditions of the purchased Royalty-free license. Festivals and celebrations are incomplete without sweets.