Recipe: Yummy Fried Vegetable Pastry (Pastel) *Vegetarian/Vegan

Fried Vegetable Pastry (Pastel) *Vegetarian/Vegan. See great recipes for Fried Vegetable Pastry (Pastel) *Vegetarian/Vegan too! A dish that has all the nutrients. Indonesian Fried Pastry (Pastel Goreng) #deepfried #pastry In my country this fried pastry called "Pastel Goreng" Pastel goreng or fried puff.

Fried Vegetable Pastry (Pastel) *Vegetarian/Vegan It is consumed as snack and commonly sold in Indonesian traditional markets. Vegetable Spring Rolls (Vegetable Egg Rolls) recipe for Chinese New Year from Jaden Hair, cookbook author and blogger at Steamy Kitchen. This video gives easy tips and how to information to make. You can cook Fried Vegetable Pastry (Pastel) *Vegetarian/Vegan using 19 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Fried Vegetable Pastry (Pastel) *Vegetarian/Vegan

  1. You need of Pastry dough:.
  2. Prepare of plain flour.
  3. Prepare of margarine.
  4. It’s of salt.
  5. It’s of water.
  6. You need of cooking oil.
  7. It’s of boiled egg (optional).
  8. Prepare of Cooking oil to fry.
  9. You need of Filling:.
  10. Prepare of carrots.
  11. Prepare of potatoes.
  12. Prepare of spring onions.
  13. Prepare of Spices:.
  14. You need of red onion.
  15. It’s of garlic cloves.
  16. It’s of candle nut.
  17. You need of salt.
  18. You need of pepper.
  19. Prepare of sugar.

Pastel goreng is an Indonesian fried pastry filled with meat and vegetables. This snack probably originated in Cornwell, UK. It is their official traditional dish. Read all about the traditional Cornish pasty here.

Fried Vegetable Pastry (Pastel) *Vegetarian/Vegan instructions

  1. Dice carrots and potatoes, chop spring onions, grind the spiced with blender or food processor, put them aside..
  2. Mix plain flour, salt, and margarine, gradually pour water until the dough doesnt stick..
  3. Pre-heat sauce pan, pour cooking oil. Add ground spices, stir for 5 mins.
  4. Add diced carrots and potatoes, stir them until they are cooked well, add spring onion, salt, sugar, and pepper, cook for 3 mins. Put aside..
  5. Cut boiled eggs to 12 pieces. (You can skip this for vegan diet).
  6. Roll the dough with rolling pin (around 1/2 cm or thinner) make round shape with a medium size cup, fill them up with the vegetables, fold the dough to the other side, twist and pinch to lock the dough..
  7. Pre-heat a frying pan with cooking oil, fry them until both side turn golden..
  8. Enjoy :).

The Indonesian Pastel Goreng is a bit different. It does not contain potatoes for instance. Retail Locations Vegetarian Options Vegan Options; City Café (University Center Building) Veggie sandwiches or wraps with protein options (egg, cheese, or hummus), deli salads (such as potato, egg or pasta salad), Green 'N Go and Grab 'N Go sandwiches and salads, string cheese, yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit cups, veggie cups, frozen vegetarian meals, packaged vegetarian products, packaged. We've got all your snack needs covered in this video and they're all vegan. These snacks work for any party, movie night, any kind of get together!