Recipe: Perfect One Pan Spaghetti Carbonara

One Pan Spaghetti Carbonara. To make our favorite One Pot Spaghetti Carbonara recipe, start by cooking bacon in the pot until red and crispy. Then remove the bacon and bring chicken broth and garlic to a boil. Placing the garlic in with the boiling pasta will give the pasta the best garlic flavor.

One Pan Spaghetti Carbonara Bacon adds a smoky note while Parmesan gives a great flavor boost. This One Pot Spaghetti Carbonara ticks all the boxes. The pasta is cooked in vegetable stock which gives tonnes of flavour to the dish. You can have One Pan Spaghetti Carbonara using 11 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of One Pan Spaghetti Carbonara

  1. Prepare 1 pound of dry spaghetti.
  2. Prepare 5 cups of chicken broth.
  3. You need 6 ounces of bacon, diced.
  4. You need 4 of garlic cloves.
  5. It’s 2 of large eggs.
  6. It’s 1 cup of green peas.
  7. Prepare 1/2 cup of heavy cream.
  8. It’s 3/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese.
  9. Prepare 1 tablespoon of hot sauce.
  10. It’s 3 tablespoons of flat leaf parsley.
  11. Prepare of salt and pepper.

It's a simple pasta recipe that's bursting with big delicious flavors! The pasta is creamy, satisfying and has a salty kick from the bacon. I am in love with this pasta. If it weren't for the fact that pasta is my favorite food, the fact that this.

One Pan Spaghetti Carbonara instructions

  1. A large saute pan is the best for this..
  2. Place the chopped bacon in the pan on medium heat..
  3. Cook bacon until crispy, then remove from pan to a paper towel to drain.
  4. Chop your garlic, add to the pan. Cook about 30 seconds..
  5. Add chicken broth to pan. Increase heat to medium high..
  6. Bring broth to a boil..
  7. I like to break pasta in half, it seems to work better. Add pasta to pan. Adjust heat to keep broth at a low boil..
  8. Stir your pasta frequently so it doesn't stick together. Cook for about 6 minutes..
  9. While the pasta is cooking, mix the eggs, hot sauce (if using), cream and cheese together..
  10. Add green peas to pasta and stir in. You want the green peas to be done about the same time as the pasta. Bright green looks better also..
  11. Once the pasta is cooked, slowly stir in the egg/cheese mixture into the pasta..
  12. Almost all the liquid should be gone about this time, just a tiny bit remaining. Reduce heat to low, stir in chopped parsley..
  13. Stir for about 1 minute. Turn off heat, serve..

This Spaghetti Carbonara recipe is creamy, luscious, and bursting with flavor. I haven't shared an easy one pot dinner here in a while, so let's fix that right now with this Spaghetti Carbonara recipe! This chicken carbonara penne pasta blends just a few simple ingredients to create a wonderful one-bowl meal. The key ingredient is a culinary game-changer, Barilla Pronto Pasta! What makes this pasta so handy is that it's a product innovation that allows for one-pan meals to be made without waiting for water to boil and no draining needed.