How to Make Delicious Sichuan Spicy Squid 麻辣花枝

Sichuan Spicy Squid 麻辣花枝. You Might Also Like. sold out. Grilled-Fresh-Squid. 铁板鱿鱼 Online ordering menu for Szechuan House. Welcome to Szechuan House, You can find the most authentic and delicious Chinese food here in town!

Sichuan Spicy Squid 麻辣花枝 Grilled Japanese Squid with wasabi soya dressing 汁燒魷魚芥未汁 Smoked Salmon 煙三文魚 Chorizo salami 辣肉腸 Smoked duck breast 煙鴨胸 Lyoner Sausage 利安娜腸 Chicken in Sichuan Chili Sauce 口水雞 Pork Belly with Minced Garlic 蒜泥白肉 Marinated cucumber and black fungus with garlic 麻辣雲耳拍青瓜 Sliced beef. View A Plus A Sichuan China menu, Order Chinese food Pick up Online from A Plus A Sichuan China, Best Chinese in Austin, TX. The aged spicy paste is the soul of Sichuan hot pot (and is guarded by restaurant owners as top secret). You can have Sichuan Spicy Squid 麻辣花枝 using 18 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Sichuan Spicy Squid 麻辣花枝

  1. You need of (A) 400g Squids 花枝.
  2. Prepare of (B) 100g Dried Chilis "grinned" 辣椒干磨成粒状.
  3. Prepare of (C) Sichuan Chili's Oil 麻辣油.
  4. Prepare 1 tsp of Red Pepper 红花椒.
  5. You need 1 tsp of Green Pepper 緑花椒.
  6. Prepare 1 pc of (2") Cinnamon 桂皮.
  7. Prepare 2 of Flower Star Anise 八角.
  8. Prepare 4 pcs of Bay Leaf 月桂叶.
  9. You need of (D) Favor Oil.
  10. It’s 30 g of Whole Garlic 蒜.
  11. Prepare 60 g of Chop Onion 洋葱.
  12. Prepare 50 g of Gingers 姜片.
  13. It’s 20 g of Spring Onion 葱段.
  14. It’s 600 ml of Vegetables Oil 油.
  15. You need of (E) Sauce (mixed well).
  16. Prepare 3 tbsp of Black Vinegar 黑醋.
  17. Prepare 3 tbsp of Soy Sauce 酱油.
  18. Prepare 2 tsp of Sugar 糖.

I recommend making this in advance. To make the aged-spicy paste: chop the Sichuan Spicy Bean Paste, soaked dry chili, ginger, garlic, and black bean. Szechuan Spicy Steamed Beef Tendon 麻辣牛孖筋 L. Based on the Chinese Ma La Tang concept for numbing (ma), burning (la) and neutral (tang) tastes of Sichuan.

Sichuan Spicy Squid 麻辣花枝 step by step

  1. Prepared items (D), wok with medium heat, fried all ingredients till favor smell occurred and removed it and prepare for the next step….
  2. After the first step items (D), put in all the ingredients items (C) fried until favor smell occurred and remove the rest, only left the hot oil prepare for next step…
  3. Item (B) grinned chili's and put into a metal or ceramic bowl ready to mix with hot oil item (C) & stir well..
  4. Cleaning the Squids and steam for 8~10 minutes then remove the excess water from the Squids,.
  5. Lastly, prepare a plates for the squids and put in the sauce prepared earlier.. and ready to be served..

Mala sauce is a popular oily, spicy, and numbing Chinese sauce which consists of Sichuan peppercorn, chili pepper and various spices simmered with oil. Regarded as a regional dish for Chongqing cuisine and Sichuan cuisine, it has become one of the most popular sauces in Chinese cuisine and spawned many regional variants.