Recipe: Delicious Garlic bread

Garlic bread. Providing Specialty Hot Sauces & Much More. Large Selection Of Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Wings Sauce, Seasonings & Rubs. Substitute ½ teaspoon granulated garlic for every fresh clove called for in this garlic bread recipe.

Garlic bread If you're looking for a meal that's lighter, serve garlic bread. Remove bread when it is toasted golden brown in color. Crispy, toasty garlic bread gets sliced in half down its length, spread with butter and garlic, and then baked open-faced in the oven. You can cook Garlic bread using 5 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Garlic bread

  1. Prepare of Chopped garlic.
  2. Prepare of Bread, butter.
  3. Prepare of Chesse (mozorella, amul chesse).
  4. Prepare of Non stick pan or tava not non stick.
  5. It’s of Origino, chilli flakes.

Broil it at the end for extra crispiness. Soft garlic bread gets sliced like an accordion (slice as if cutting slices, but don't go all the way through), then slather the butter mixer between the slices. The traditional method uses a long, thin loaf of bread such as a baguette (French stick) or a crusty Italian bread equivalent. The secret to really good garlic bread is to keep it simple.

Garlic bread instructions

  1. Take one bowl poured some chopped garlic and butter (not melted) mix it well.
  2. Take one bread and spread garlic paste that we made in first step than spread some chesse than sprink origino, chilli flakes.
  3. Preheat tava or pan with butter for 30 to 40 sec than put garlic bread that we made in 2 step bake 2to3 min.
  4. Our garlic bread is ready.
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Be sure to use freshly shredded parmesan for maximum meltiness. For a truly religious Garlic Bread experience, skip the fancy bread and use a basic French baguette. And don't even think about skimping on butter! You can't order pizza without a side of garlic bread. It would be like ordering a burger at Maccers with no fries.