Recipe: Appetizing Portuguese Chicken

Portuguese Chicken. Score chicken legs a few times using a knife and place in a resealable bag or a bowl. We've streamlined the method, but kept all of the smoky, tangy, sweet flavors. Season the chicken with salt and make the Piri Piri Sauce.

Portuguese Chicken The water should have just a hint of vinegary taste. Sprinkle paprika over the water and mix, removing the. Portuguese BBQ Peri Peri Chicken (or Homemade Nando's Recipe) cooked TWO WAYS! You can have Portuguese Chicken using 2 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Portuguese Chicken

  1. You need 3 pound of whole chicken.
  2. You need of Peri Peri sauce (We use Nando's hot sauce).

On the barbecue OR in the oven! Bring your favourite Nando's chicken to the table with this Portuguese BBQ Peri Peri Chicken Recipe! PLUS the addition of juicy corn cobs in foil packets are charred for added flavour. Place the chicken in a large glass dish.

Portuguese Chicken step by step

  1. Cut along one side of backbone and split open chicken..
  2. Flatten chicken legs and thighs by pushing down on them and insert metal skewers crosswise from one breast to the other at the top and one thigh to the other at the bottom..
  3. Grease grill with Pam and then heat grill to 550 degrees..
  4. Turn off 1 burner and put the other 2 burners on medium heat. Cook chicken on indirect heat (burner that has been turned off) for 20 minutes with breast side down..
  5. Continue to cook on indirect heat for 20 minutes with breast side up..
  6. Brush chicken with Peri Peri sauce and cook for 5 more minutes on each side (10 minutes total) on indirect heat. Then brush on more sauce and cook for 5 more minutes on each side (10 minutes total) on direct heat (burners that are on). Inner temperature of meat should be 165 degrees Fahrenheit when done..
  7. Serve with more Peri Peri sauce for dipping and your favourite side dishes..
  8. Enjoy!.

Transfer the remaining sauce to an airtight container. Preheat one side of the grill, setting the burners to high. Cut into pieces with kitchen scissors and spoon over piri piri sauce. The secret to this curried chicken and rice recipe is a can of condensed cream of chicken soup. Heat oil in heavy large skillet over medium-high heat.