How to Make Perfect How to Clean Small Horse Mackerel

How to Clean Small Horse Mackerel. This is a short tutorial on cleaning a Mackerel. The best thing is not having to scale this tasty fish. Please leave a comment with any questions! =D.

How to Clean Small Horse Mackerel For small horse mackerel, use small fishing line scissors. Recipe by fukaori Mackerel have a thin skin and tiny scales, so they're one of the few fish that don't need their scales removed before you clean or fillet them. Cleaning a mackerel is quick and simple, even if you rarely work with whole fish. You can have How to Clean Small Horse Mackerel using 1 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of How to Clean Small Horse Mackerel

  1. You need 1 of as much (to taste) Horse Mackerel.

You'll need a filleting knife or utility knife with a long, thin, sharp blade. Mackerel is an extremely popular fish in Japan and is commonly grilled with salt, stewed with miso. How to Clean Small Horse Mackerel When we caught a lot of horse mackerel at the pay-by-the-hour fishing pond at the park, the pond's supervisor taught me this technique. If you clean the fish right after you catch them, you can cook them right away when you get home.

How to Clean Small Horse Mackerel step by step

  1. Quickly rinse the fish in a colander..
  2. With the fish set belly out, use kitchen scissors to pierce the fish behind the head. (It's important not to remove the head now)..
  3. Turn the belly towards you..
  4. Cut towards the tail and tear the head off by dragging the knife downwards and pulling out the innards in the same movement. ( Press on the belly and use your fingers to pull out the guts)..
  5. If the fish is big, remove the hard scales, but if it's little you don't have to..
  6. Rinse well and place in a colander..
  7. This time I seasoned and deep fried them..
  8. We put the heads and guts into a cardboard compost box for easy clean up..

Now, mackerel is very popular as exported and imported sea food along with salmon, tuna, and sardines. Just like any other types of mackerel, South Africa horse mackerel is also great to be consumed as fresh. I take one fresh Mackerel,Fillet it, then bone it comletely, showing the whole process. It is then Pan Fried to perfection,and served with a homemade,roasted, pickled ,beetroot salad,a winning. How to fillet Mackerel, then simply pan fry the boneless fillets, until they are crisp and delicious, and cooked to perfection.