Recipe: Yummy Instant Pot Yogurt

Instant Pot Yogurt. Not only is it easy—it'll add a new spark to your love affair with yogurt! Just press the right buttons, peek at it now and then, and you've made amazing yogurt. You don't need an Instant Pot to make yogurt—but an Instant Pot is an ace yogurt maker.

Pour Milk Into Your Instant Pot. Instant Pot Yogurt: Step by step directions for making yogurt in an electric pressure cooker. Includes directions for nonfat, full fat and Greek yogurt. You can have Instant Pot Yogurt using 3 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Instant Pot Yogurt

  1. You need 1 cup of Water.
  2. Prepare 6 cup of Milk.
  3. It’s 6 tsp of Plain yogurt.

Also ways to naturally sweeten yogurt. This is EVERYTHING you need to know about making Instant Pot Yogurt. Press the adjust setting to boil (see Cook's Note). Follow the manufacturer's guide for locking the lid and preparing to cook.

Instant Pot Yogurt step by step

  1. The first step when making yogurt in your instant pot is sanitation: add 1 cup of water to you pot, click on steam, adjust the time to 1 minute and the machine will start. Make sure the valve is on sealing position..
  2. When the machine is done, throw away the water and add the milk..
  3. Select the yogurt function, then adjust to boil. When the machine is done boiling your milk, wait for it to cool down to a temperature that feels comfortable in your skin (about 104 F). This usually takes 25 minutes..
  4. Now is the time to add your store bought yogurt (next time you may use the yogurt you made yourself). Stir it well to dissolve the yogurt in the milk..
  5. Select the yogurt function and let the machine do its business! It takes 8 hours and you will be able to taste your homemade yogurt!.
  6. Here is a photo of the pot..

Ingredients to make Instant Pot Yogurt and Instant Pot Greek Yogurt. Milk – Whole Milk yields the thickest yogurt.; Yogurt Starter – any brand of yogurt with just milk and live cultures. Instant Pot DUO Plus – all models, but the LUX, have the Yogurt Feature. Mealthy MultiPot works in exactly the same way at the Instant Pot DUO Plus. Plain yogurt with live and active cultures: The live, active cultures are important because these are what mix with the milk to turn it into yogurt!