Recipe: Perfect Pesto mozzarella chicken

Pesto mozzarella chicken. Chicken breasts made in the slow cooker with pesto and butter then made into a cheesy pasta casserole with mozzarella cheese and parmesan. This new recipe for Slow Cooker Pesto Mozzarella Chicken is a spin-off from a freezer meal I made a few months ago called Lemon Pesto Chicken. Basil Pesto Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Bake – low carb, gluten-free recipe.

Pesto mozzarella chicken This Chicken is chock full of Mozzarella, Pesto and Tomatoes; You could call it Caprese Chicken, even! And not only is it a flavor bomb, it is super easy to make and all in one pan! This dish is perfect in it's imperfections! You can cook Pesto mozzarella chicken using 4 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Pesto mozzarella chicken

  1. It’s of Chicken breast.
  2. Prepare of Pesto.
  3. Prepare of Shredded mozzarella cheese.
  4. Prepare of Salt and pepper.

All that gooey cheese and dripping pesto. But yet, it's not so bad on the fat-o-meter. Chicken Recipes are the most searched recipes on my blog. A few other popular chicken recipes are General Tsos Chicken, Baked Chicken Parmesan and Crock Pot Chicken with Black Beans and Corn.

Pesto mozzarella chicken step by step

  1. Preheat the oven to F400. Cut the chicken open and stuff with pesto and mozzarella cheese, then use toothpicks to hold the chicken together..
  2. Put them in the baking dish, season them with salt and pepper on both sides..
  3. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top as desired then bake for 40 minutes..

If using Homemade Pesto, place basil and pine nuts in food processor. Cover; process a few times with on-and-off pulses. Add garlic; pulse a few times. A homemade pesto would be spectacular here, but your favorite jarred pesto also works great (and obviously saves a ton of time). Squeeze some lemon juice over the chicken and lay several pats of butter across the top of the chicken, then just seal the slow cooker and let the chicken cook on low for five or six hours.