Recipe: Tasty Sweet Pork Belly

Sweet Pork Belly.

Sweet Pork Belly You can cook Sweet Pork Belly using 14 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Sweet Pork Belly

  1. Prepare 500 gr of Pork belly.
  2. You need 500 ml of Water.
  3. It’s of Ginger.
  4. Prepare of Star anise.
  5. It’s of Spices.
  6. You need 3 of garlic.
  7. You need 1 of onion brown.
  8. You need of Ginger.
  9. You need of Star anise.
  10. Prepare of Sweet sauce.
  11. You need of Oil vegetable.
  12. You need to taste of Sugar and salt.
  13. You need of White pepper.
  14. It’s of Cardamom.

Sweet Pork Belly step by step

  1. Pork belly. Cut into cube.
  2. Chopping onion,ginger and garlic.
  3. Boil pork till half tender. And lift.
  4. Saute all spice and add pork belly. Simmer till reduced..
  5. Serve.