Recipe: Tasty Bacon wrapped rice balls

Bacon wrapped rice balls. Place rice mixture onto a sheet of plastic wrap and place egg onto the center. Wrap into a ball, making sure the egg is completely covered with rice mixture. Wrap a few slices of bacon around the rice ball.

Bacon wrapped rice balls Toss the endive in a pan with a thin layer of hot oil, then serve it with the freshly baked rice balls. Wrap the rice balls with bacon, making sure no rice is exposed to ensure the wrap is secure. Great recipe for Bacon wrapped rice balls. You can cook Bacon wrapped rice balls using 4 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Bacon wrapped rice balls

  1. It’s of Cooked rice.
  2. It’s slices of Avocado.
  3. You need strips of Bacon.
  4. It’s of Teriyaki or unagi sauce.

Eat them as snacks or take-along lunch, these bacon wrapped rice balls are delicious and easy to make. Best of all, you can use whatever ingredients that suits your fancy to make rice balls that you would truly enjoy. Bacon Wrapped Rice Ball with Boiled Egg Cook bacon in a hot pan over medium-high heat until very crispy.

Bacon wrapped rice balls instructions

  1. Make rice balls filled with avocados or any ingredients you wish..
  2. Wrap the rice balls with bacon, making sure no rice is exposed to ensure the wrap is secure..
  3. Air fry at 400F (200C) for 10-12 minutes, turn the wrap once in the middle, until the bacon is cooked through and looks crisp..
  4. Drizzle some teriyaki sauce or unagi sauce..

Remove the bacon from the pan and drain on paper towels. How to Make Baked Meatballs: First, dice five strips of Open Nature Applewood Smoked Bacon and cooked it over the stove top until crispy. Then add a finely diced shallot and cook until translucent and right at the last minute, add some garlic. Learn how to cook great Bacon wrapped stuffing balls. deliver fine selection of quality Bacon wrapped stuffing balls recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips.