Easiest Way to Prepare Tasty Bread Laddu

Bread Laddu. Popular Ladoo (laddu) Recipes-Gorging into this round, sweet and colourful delights called ladoo is exactly how we define pure love. Agree or not, if we had an option to select our national sweet, we would have named ladoo as one of the strongest contenders among many others. Thanks for your support as always.

Bread Laddu Ladoo are small ball shaped Indian sweets made of flour, nuts, sugar, jaggery and ghee. These sweets make a good addition to your list for any festive occasion or are also good to have as an after school snack, mid morning snack or for the toddlers or kids school box. Quick and Tasty Laddoo recepi by Yummytummy. You can have Bread Laddu using 7 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Bread Laddu

  1. You need 10 slices of white bread.
  2. It’s 2 of per boiled egg.
  3. Prepare of Bread crumbs.
  4. It’s of Corn flour.
  5. Prepare of Equipment.
  6. Prepare of Large round cookie cutter.
  7. It’s of Cling film.

Coconut ladoo are delicious sweetened balls made with coconut, sugar, cardamom powder and milk (optional). These are one of the most easiest of all Indian sweets recipes that can be made for any festival or occasion. Besan ladoo recipe with step by step photos. Besan laddu is a popular ladoo made from gram flour, powdered sugar and clarified butter (ghee).

Bread Laddu step by step

  1. Start by cutting a circle from a piece of bread, using the biggest circle cutter that will fit on the slice.
  2. Lay out a piece of cling film and counter top or chopping board. Pop your circle of bread on top. Drop your filling in to the middle of the bread. Add egg be careful not to use too much filling as otherwise it may escape when you roll it up..
  3. Gather the sides of the cling film in your hand so that the bread folds up on it self. Tighten the cling film, taking care to let the air escape, twist the cling film until the bread has formed into a firm ball.
  4. Unwrap the cling film and carefully remove the ball.
  5. Add 1/4 cup water, 2 table spoon corn flour and make smooth lump free batter.
  6. Now dip into corn flour batter and coat well.
  7. Further, roll in crushed bread crumbs covering uniformly.
  8. Fry in hot oil, stir occasionally with out breaking bread laddu.
  9. Fry until bread laddu turn golden brown and crusp.
  10. Finally enjoy bread laddu with coffee or hot tea.

It is one of the popular ladoo variety often made during festive occasions. Besan ladoo is easy and healthy sweet which is made all over India. Ragi ladoo are delicious, healthy & nutrient dense ladoos made with ragi flour, jaggery, nuts & seeds. These ragi ladoo or nachni laddu make a amazing snack for toddlers, kids & women. I have made these countless number of times for my family & always turn out wonderful.