How to Cook Yummy Cheese burger salad

Cheese burger salad. But whoa, one bite of this dish and I was hooked! It's a super easy one-bowl meal, it's kitchen-free (everything is cooked on the grill), and it's. So again, burger-salad-burger not so different.

Cheese burger salad Cheeseburger SaladAll the goodness of a big, meaty cheeseburger.but in salad form. To assemble each salad, pile torn lettuce on a plate. I'm going to show you how to make an incredible cheeseburger chopped salad that works for weekday lunch or summer parties. You can cook Cheese burger salad using 5 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Cheese burger salad

  1. It’s of Frozen hamburger patties.
  2. You need of Frozen fries.
  3. Prepare of Hamburger toppings.
  4. You need of And Condiments.
  5. Prepare of Hamburger seasoning.

Now about this cheeseburger salad. . . I was instantly drawn to this "Cheeseburger" Salad with Special Sauce because it reminded me of a Big Mac, aka my go-to order at. Burger in a bowl aka cheeseburger salad, is everything you want in a burger but in bowl without bun. This low carb burger salad is so good you won't even miss the hamburger.

Cheese burger salad step by step

  1. Pre heat oven on 400.
  2. On cookie sheet place frozen patties and add seasoning of choice. Place in oven flip over when halfway done, seasoning that side too….
  3. Meanwhile make the fries.(I’d used the air fryer).
  4. When hamburger is done cut up whatever size you like.
  5. Layer- fries, meat, cheese, and whatever hamburger toppings you choose..
  6. Note- can grill hamburgers on grill or however you make hamburgers. When writing this recipe it’s winter or I’d be grilling outside lol..

This nutritious Cheeseburger Salad loaded with seasoned turkey, fresh vegetables, and Thousand Island salad dressing will please kids and adults alike! A mouth-watering cheeseburger served over a salad full of fresh lettuce, tomatoes I'm pretty sure even non-salad lovers have to agree that Cheeseburger salad is pretty bomb. For a bun-free burger, dig into this cheeseburger salad with crunchy lettuce, creamy burger sauce, tomatoes and cheese. The Big Mac Salad is inspired by the popular fast food hamburger. It's a simple cheeseburger salad with all the flavor and a lot less carbs.