Recipe: Perfect fried pickles

fried pickles. Dill pickle slices become crispy, golden appetizers when marinated in buttermilk, dressed with a corn meal/flour coating, then deep fried. Old Bay and Cajun seasonings add a kick to their crunch and a buttermilk-ranch dipping sauce. Make the sauce: Mix the mayonnaise, horseradish, ketchup and Cajun seasoning in a bowl; set aside.

fried pickles Milk – The milk is used to create your batter – my preference is whole milk for the richness in flavor. All Purpose Flour, Make sure to divide this as per the recipe; you will use some for the wet mix and some for the dry.; Worcestershire sauce – Amps up the umami goodness. Southern-style fried pickles seasoned to perfection! You can have fried pickles using 3 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of fried pickles

  1. You need 1 box of onion ring mix.
  2. It’s 1 can of pickles.
  3. Prepare 1 can of italian style bread crumbs.

Paired with a sweet and tangy dipping sauce. Keyword african american, batter, country, crispy, dipped, fried, pickles. Fried Pickles – how to make fried pickles with sliced dill pickles, breaded in seasoned flour, and fried crispy. Homemade fried pickles are a fun side dish to add to your bbq plate and take just a few minutes to make.

fried pickles instructions

  1. put 1 cup onion ring mix in a bowl add 3/4 cup Water and mix it together..
  2. dip pickles in batter..
  3. then cover the pickles in bread crumbs..
  4. carefully put the pickles in the deep fryer. watch closely, it will only take 30 to 40 seconds, tops, before they turn brown, at that point they are done..

I was introduced to these at the Pickle Factory Restaurant Bar at Pepin WI. It is located on Lake Pepin on the Mississippi River and is at a wharf area. Of course they are famous for the Fried Dill Pickles. It is a cool popular place if you every get to Wisconsin. I crave these and this is a great recipe.