How to Make Delicious Chinese Chilli Oil

Chinese Chilli Oil. Remove the aromatics from the oil using a slotted spoon or fine mesh strainer. Slowly pour the oil over the chili flakes, and stir well. When completely cooled, transfer to a jar, and store in the refrigerator.

Chinese Chilli Oil When slowly heated in oil, the spices ( Sichuan peppercorn, fennel seeds, star anise, bay leaf, cassia cinnamon, Tsao-ko, etc.) release a variety of aromas. Among them, Sichuan peppercorn is perhaps the most interesting and appealing. Chinese chili oil is also called red oil in China. You can have Chinese Chilli Oil using 7 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Chinese Chilli Oil

  1. You need of Dry chilli.
  2. Prepare of Salt.
  3. Prepare of Garlic.
  4. Prepare of Shallot.
  5. It’s of Fresh chilli.
  6. You need of Bay leaves, star anise, cinnamon stick, Chinese peppercorn.
  7. It’s of Vegetable oil.

It is a combined seasoning using red pepper, Sichuan peppercorn, mixed spices, ginger and toasted sesame seeds. High temperature oil is usually used to stimulate the strong aroma of red pepper powder. But meanwhile, it brings dark red color instead of bright red color. The chili oil is a must for today's Chinese.

Chinese Chilli Oil step by step

  1. Fry dried chilies till crispy in a dry wok. Roughly chop it up. You may choose to have some powdered up to form different textures in the chilli sauce..
  2. Add fresh chilli, chopped garlic and shallots to the top of the dried chilli. Don't stir! The boiling hot oil will burn the dried chilli. This step is to cook these wet items..
  3. Add the dry condiments into the cold oil and start heating till the oil is smoking hot. Simmer till infused. Make sure you don't burn them..
  4. Use a strainer and remove the all from the oil. If you like to bite into the peppercorn, you may leave some inside. Make sure the oil comes back to a boil..
  5. Pour half of the oil directly into the heatproof bowl of chilli in two batches. Make sure all the garlic and onion is well cooked. Be careful! The oil will bubble up!.
  6. Stir well. Continue to pour in the oil, the oil will be slightly cooler now for the dried chilli. But it will still be very hot! See the bubbles at the top! Season with salt to taste..
  7. This chilli is great for boiled noodles, dumplings, grilled eggplants etc..
  8. Note. You may add in white sesame seeds for added flavor. As they burn fast, recommend to be added below the garlic layers.

It's called chili oil, but it's more like a chili paste. When eating you take little of the oil, but more of the paste. Since China is quite large, there are different varieties of chili oil in almost every region that likes spicy food. Some use only chili, oil and salt. How to Make Chili Oil (辣椒油) Making chili oil at home might seem like a daunting task at first, but once you understand the key steps, it only takes five minutes to make the best-tasting chili oil with extra fragrance, nuttiness and smokiness!