Recipe: Appetizing Golden Syrup Flapjacks

Golden Syrup Flapjacks. If using the recipe as shown it will come out very thin and crispy, as some people have commented. Doing this, I found these came out perfectly. Heat gently until melted, then remove from the heat and stir in the oats and salt.

Golden Syrup Flapjacks Find out how to make the perfect flapjacks every time. Our Wonderfuly Tasty & Easy Flapjacks Recipes.. Stock up on Lyle's Golden Syrup here. You can have Golden Syrup Flapjacks using 10 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Golden Syrup Flapjacks

  1. You need 450 g of Oats.
  2. You need 200 g of Butter.
  3. Prepare 200 g of Brown Sugar.
  4. You need 3-4 tablespoons of Golden Syrup.
  5. You need of Equipment.
  6. Prepare of Baking tray.
  7. Prepare of Baking paper.
  8. You need Bowl of (large).
  9. You need of Spoon.
  10. You need of Tablespoon.

It can be originated from sugar beet by adding either enzyme or acid. The syrup is also called as light treacle and has the color similar to amber. This is my recipe for Flapjack, inherited from my English mother. I'm sure it would work quite well.

Golden Syrup Flapjacks step by step

  1. Add ingredients one at a time to a bowl..
  2. Stir until all the oats are covered in the mixture..
  3. Put the mixture into a baking tray and flatten it out with a knife or spoon..
  4. Cook in the oven for 15 mins or until golden and crisp on Gas Mark 6.
  5. Leave in baking tray to cool down then put on grid tray..
  6. Once cool, cut and serve to family and friends..

Put the butter, sugar and Golden Syrup into a medium pan and gently heat until melted. Turn into the tin, level and press the mixture evenly and firmly with the back of a spoon. The base is a mix of a flapjack/oatmeal raisin cookie which of course needs a little Lyle's Golden Syrup for that classic taste that perfect chew plus it uses a touch of milk powder which really ups the classic oatmeal cookie flavour. Golden syrup has a buttery caramel flavor, whereas maple syrup is….well, maple flavored. Maple syrup may also be a bit runnier.