Easiest Way to Cook Appetizing “Wallet” (waffle/omelette)

“Wallet” (waffle/omelette). You have left in your wallet. Enter the amount to recharge your wallet. The top countries of suppliers are China, Hong Kong S.

“Wallet” (waffle/omelette) The Fantom R Wallet is a thin RFID wallet with an aluminum chassis. The wallet is available in numerous finishes including wood, leather, and carbon As a RFID aluminum wallet, the Fantom R is designed to keep your personal information safe. Cook, add your favorite fillings and then serve for a delicious meal! You can have “Wallet” (waffle/omelette) using 4 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of “Wallet” (waffle/omelette)

  1. Prepare 3 of eggs.
  2. It’s of Choice of meat (optional).
  3. You need of Choice of vegetables.
  4. Prepare of Choice of cheese.

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“Wallet” (waffle/omelette) step by step

  1. Beat your eggs in a small bowl and sprinkle seasoning of your choice. Turn your waffle maker on, when it’s ready, spray non-stick on it and add your meat and your veggies and close the lid. After 1 minute open the lid and add your egg and cover with cheese. Close your lid and Flip it to start the waffle making process and when it beeps. Use a toothpick, fork, spatula to remove your wallet and serve. Also (optional)… drizzling country gravy..

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