How to Cook Tasty Karahi Chinese Tice

Karahi Chinese Tice. Vegetable Chinese Fry Rice Recipe by Kitchen with Amna. Astep by step quick and Easy recipe at home. Restaurant Style Fried Rice Recipe by Kitchen with Amna.

Karahi Chinese Tice You can make them as a tea time snack or can serve it in lunch or dinner. This recipe is equally loved by children and adults. In Karachi Biryani Street Food is in trend every one love to eat Biryani and want to know Biryani recipe. You can have Karahi Chinese Tice using 12 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Karahi Chinese Tice

  1. Prepare 1 of , 1/2, Glass Chawel.
  2. Prepare 1/2 of , Chicken breast piece ( choti boti.
  3. Prepare 1/2 of , Gajer.
  4. Prepare 1/2 of ,Shimla mirch.
  5. Prepare 2 of , Tbsp soya sous.
  6. Prepare 1 of , Tbsp sirka.
  7. It’s 2 of ,Tbsp tomato paste.
  8. You need 2 of , Anday.
  9. You need 1 of , Teasp pissi kali mirch.
  10. Prepare 1 of , Teasp namak.
  11. Prepare 2 of , Tbsp Oil.
  12. You need 4 of , Tbsp Oil.

Fried rice is a Chinese dish of steamed rice that has been stir-fried in a wok and, usually, mixed with other ingredients, such as eggs, vegetables, and meat. Kindly subscribe my channel for more. Chinese Rice is a significant popular rice dish of Chinese cuisine. They are given this name due to their unique Chinese style of preparation and are popularly consumed in sinophone countries.

Karahi Chinese Tice step by step

  1. Sab sy pehlay chawel boil kar ke rakh lain..
  2. Aur 2 tbsp oil garam kar ke uss main 2 Andy dal ke camach sy hala ke paka lain..
  3. Anday bhi pak ke rakh lain..
  4. Abb 4, tbsp oil garam kar ke thora chicken fry karai colour change ho jaye to uss main tomato paste, soya sous, sirka,namak,pissi kali mirch dal ke bhon lain..
  5. Abb chicken main gajer and shimla mirch dal ke 5, mint halki anch par pakny dain..
  6. 5, mint baad iss main pakay howay Anday dal ke mix kar lain..
  7. Iss ke baad chawel mix kar ke 10, mint halki aanch py dam dy dain..
  8. Abb chawel karai sy palet main nikal ke serve kar lain.Serve..

Later the taste of delicious Chinese rice recipe reached the other parts of the world. Chinese rice are made with cooked rice, stir fried chopped vegetables, shredded boiled chicken, egg, seasoning with. Every one love to eat Chinese Egg Fried Rice in this video I am going to disclose Chinese Egg Fried Rice recipe so hope you will learn how to make Chinese Egg Fried Rice from street food of. The prosperity of Karachi, attracted people and traders from different parts of the world including a small number of Chinese. Chinese food is very popular and Chinese restaurants can be found all over the city as well as in almost all of the major hotels such as the Marriott, Pearl Continental, Avari Towers, and Carlton Hotel.