Recipe: Perfect Mayo Salad in Celeriac

Mayo Salad in Celeriac. Celeriac Salad with Avocado Mayo Dressing This celeriac salad with avocado mayo dressing will even satisfy the taste buds of the pickiest eaters! This salad is both crunchy and moist and has a very interesting blend of flavors. Recipe Tips For the best results, use a mandolin to slice the celeriac into matchsticks.

Mayo Salad in Celeriac I don't have a food processor so slicing the celeriac and apple into matchsticks was a bit fiddly, but the resulting slaw is well worth it. The mustard gives a lovely punch to the creamy dressing. Put your celeriac and parsley into a large bowl and mix together with all the other ingredients. You can have Mayo Salad in Celeriac using 3 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Mayo Salad in Celeriac

  1. It’s of Few strands of celeriac.
  2. You need of Canned mixed corn- pepper- olives.
  3. You need of Mayonnaise.

Season to taste, adding a little more vinegar if need be, then serve straight away. Try this: Put some of this salad on a plate, then cover it completely with some smoked salmon and plenty of ground black pepper. This simple salad is made from celeriac, also called celery root, which is a member of the celery family but is not the root of the common celery stalk. The strong, almost smoky taste is similar to a combination of celery and parsley and it pairs perfectly with the creamy mayonnaise-based dressing used in this recipe.

Mayo Salad in Celeriac instructions

  1. Mix the mayonnaise with the canned veggies and fill it in the celeriac.

Add mayonnaise and continue to beat, then add the sour cream or yogurt. Season to taste and add more mustard for a tangier taste. Thin dressing if desired with a little bit of cream. This salad will keep for several days and get tender from sitting in the. This week's Cook the Book Fridays recipe from David Lebovitz's My Paris Kitchen is a French bistro classic and also something you'll always find in my fridge when I am in France.