Recipe: Yummy Spicy cilantro crema

Spicy cilantro crema. The perfect tangy, subtly spicy, cilantro cream sauce for any meal. Dip it, coat it or drizzle it on top. The flavors of every ingredient come through!

Spicy cilantro crema They're the perfect pairing for the tangy sour cream sauce. The spice on the fish can be used on other taco variations such as chicken, shrimp, ground beef or even fajita vegetables. You can also substitute romaine in place of cabbage or add a cole slaw to pair with the. You can cook Spicy cilantro crema using 4 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Spicy cilantro crema

  1. It’s of sour cream or cream.
  2. Prepare of cilantro.
  3. Prepare of Tapatio to taste(I did maybe a few tbsp).
  4. You need of Fresh ground kosher salt.

Vegan Cilantro Crema – nut-free, made with silken tofu. Rich and creamy without a whole lot of calories or dairy. Spoon it over tacos, enchiladas or even baked'll find a million things to do with it! For a SOY-FREE version, see recipe notes!

Spicy cilantro crema step by step

  1. I added all the ingredients to a 2 cup glass measuring cup and stired it together first..
  2. Use the stick blender until the cilantro is just specks. Now you can add more salt or Tapatio you want to taste, store overnight..

This recipe for Vegan Cilantro Crema really couldn't be any easier. It's nut-free, low calorie and made with silken tofu. Our Test kitchen created this light and tangy Cilantro-Lime Crema to pair with our delicious Brisket-and-Black Bean Chili, but it works just as well served alongside almost any chili recipe or spicy stew, or dolloped atop beef, chicken, vegetable, or seafood tacos. Made with sour cream and mayonnaise and flavored with fresh chopped cilantro and fresh lime zest and juice, this crema comes. A flaky, spiced pan-fried fish taco recipe with quick cabbage slaw and the most delicious lime crema.